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Software of sports management for soccer clubs. Easy and fast to use, no training or installation required. Go digital and help your coaches and players reach their full potential. 


Wasting time may be an effective strategy in some moments during the game, but it will never be effective in the management of your club. It's time to abandon the cell phone for club management and centralize all communications in one place with our sports management software for soccer clubs.

Clunnity es el excel del club, el whatsapp del equipo, es la red social de los miembros del club. Es el calendario online del equipo, la libreta del entrenador, el almacén digital de tus informes, el bloc de notas del club.

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Fresh from the “Efficiency League”, the “Calendar” module arrives. This service has specific features for organize a soccer team that you will not find in any other standard planning software.

Automate events, create recurring sessions, plan your whole year in a few minutes, look through your entire sports schedule at a glance, notify players of match calls and give your coaches resources to create training sessions without any unforeseen events.


At Clunnity we know that what you don't measure, you can't improve. Our automatically generated reporting system allows us to obtain metrics from matches and trainings.

Thus, the metrics obtained with our statistical tool will allow you not only to take a look at the figures of a match, in addition, in the long run, to make more accurate forecasts of results, training plans and, in short, significantly improve the performance of your team.

The player knows and measures his evolution, while the coach can obtain the necessary information to get the best performance from the whole team. We can say that this module offers a way to see the usual soccer information like never before, thanks to our app or sports management software for soccer clubs.

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More and more clubs are gambling - formal / betting - US colloquial on "gamification" to boost the involvement and sense of belonging of their players.

At Clunnity we believe in dual visualization: attraction for the player and technology for the coach. In this way, the player knows and measures his evolution, while the coach can collect the necessary information to get the maximum performance from each member of the team. Fill in a single report, we take care of generating the different visuals automatically.


Take control of your club and save 30% of your time.

Easily manage all your players' data and keep payments up to date. Our player's administrative profile includes: personal data, family data, fee control, notifications of unpaid fees. This section is designed for soccer clubs that administer and manage entities with a high volume of players.



If you are afraid, let it be in your area. But never for your data. Don't worry, because Clunnity stores everything on the cloud. It will always be at your fingertips from any device. Maximum protection and security thanks to Amazon AWS servers.

Save your trainings, videos and reports in the cloud. Share information with a single click or create private folders. More efficient end-to-end management without losing information.


We know how important it is to keep your players close and get to know them. We bring you this feature that allows you to keep track of your players, not only in every match or training, but on a daily condition.

At Clunnity we believe in an integrative approach, where the player participates and feels listened to. Thus, we have a system for generating surveys, as often as you think necessary, in order to obtain data on the well-being of each team member at all times.

This function of generating surveys is also compatible with automation. In this way, you can save time and have a better understanding of the state of your players, avoid injuries, adjust training plans, personalize routines or modify the hourly load of each player in real time.



Scouting database for the recruitment department of grassroots soccer where you can filter players among many criteria and with two modes of valuation of the player:

a) Rápido y funcional para una primera valoración
b) Extenso y descriptivo para un seguimiento en profundidad


¿Cómo te ayudamos?

Comunicación en grupo e individual

Con las notificaciones y la mensajería instantánea, nadie se perderá ninguna información importante. Chatea con o entre jugadores/as, entrenadores/as o técnicos y familiares de forma individual o con chats grupales.

Calendario inteligente y sincronizado

Gestión inteligente, con Clunnity puedes ingresar datos importantes para los eventos de entrenamiento y partidos. Adjunta videos o estadísticas a los partidos, o incluso agregua planes de sesiones para practicar eventos para que todos sepan exactamente lo que se necesita lograr.

Almacenamiento ilimitado y seguro

Plataforma en la nube que ahorra espacio en tu dispositivo, además Clunnity cumple con todas las normativas de privacidad. Si se requiere el consentimiento de los familiares, cubre todo el proceso de forma automatizada

Encuestas a jugadores automatizadas

Posibilidad de programar encuestas matutinas diarias para controlar el estado físico de los jugadores y prevenir lesiones. Opción de medir la percepción subjetiva del esfuerzo tras los entrenamientos o partidos.

Comparte videos y datos entre cualquier miembro de la organización

Realiza un seguimiento de las estadísticas con el nivel de detalle que desees. Toma tus datos, edita videos y genera información clave para ayudarte en tu análisis de rendimiento.

Posibilidad de integrar cualquier herramienta específica

Obtén todo lo que necesitas para tu equipo en un solo lugar, integración con tus apps más útiles.

¿Qué dicen nuestros usuarios?

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Entrenador IDA Valencia

In the training field, it’s crucial that this technology provides us with access to players. This is a solution that is very intuitive and easy to use. 


Entrenador Rayo Vallecano Femenino

Agradezco ahorrar tiempo y mejorar la comunicación con mis jugadoras gracias a Clunnity



A día de hoy, no puedo imaginarme gestionar mi equipo sin un software como el de Clunnity 


Entrenador Sestao River Club

Los entrenadores necesitamos herramientas que nos permitan gestionar de manera eficiente y unificada toda la información que se genera en el día a día de nuestros clubes 

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