Scouting database for the grassroots recruitment department

Classify, help and filter by criteria

Fill in the profiles of the players of interest

Scores and reports of the rival players

Help of coaches from the match reports

Sort players by tracking the status

Filter by age, demarcation, etc.

2 Evaluation modes

Fast and functional for the first evaluation. para una primera valoración.

Extensive and descriptive for in-depth follow-up.

Automatic and manual

This process can be done through the match reports, highlighting rival players that send auto feedback to the database, or manually from the scouting module itself.





Don't miss the opportunity. Use this module to quickly annotate a player's data in rating mode by creating tokens in less than 60 seconds. Usa este módulo para anotar rápidamente los datos de un jugador con el modo de valoración creando fichas en menos de 60 segundos.



Let's transfer the team culture to all parts of the club. Encourage cooperation between different departments for efficient working.

Reduced working hours of the scouting department, thanks to the automatic evaluation module. 



Increase knowledge through valuable information. Gain valuable information about your competitors and stay one step ahead.

You will also get insight into your team's weaknesses and strengths.



Automate more than 15 daily actions. We can automate up to 30% of your tasks, or at least reduce some of them.

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