Take control of your club and save 30% of your time.

Know your club better

It has control of the data of all the members who are part of the club, not only your players, but also coaches, directors, coordinators, technical staff. 

In addition, go one step further and have a view of the most important data of each member of the club.

Convenient management of all your club data

Take control of your club with an up-to-date database with complete information on all members of your teams: from basic personal and family data, through the tedious control of fees and non-payments, to the possibility of uploading important documents of each player.

Manage your membership fees

Keep track of all your club members’ fees, controlling all payments by users. 

Each player can access and know in real time this payment data, so you can save time answering questions related to this management. 





Save time by sharing administrative work among club members. 

We have brought a new twist to the management apps and we believe that one application is not enough to manage the club, we want to do it more effectively.



With four folders in drive and an excel you can not control a club.

Experience what it’s like to carry your club in your pocket. Check each team in real time and measure absolutely everything



Give your administrators the tools to get new ways to manage and to do so with a tool created by and for soccer clubs.



Download your club management brain and have everything unified in Clunnity.

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