Connect your entire club from the same place in one click with our module

Fast and fluid communication with your entire club

Exchange all the information you need in a single application. Avoid unnecessary interruptions without leaving the app for direct and fluid communication. Keep the entire club in sync with instant messaging systems, alerts and push notifications, so no one misses a single update.

Adapt and simplify your communications

Clunnity can be adapted to the needs of your club. Choose who you want to send the most important updates to and send what you need in a private way.

Segment according to your club structure and create specific groups for coaches, players or parents. Notify quickly and easily.

Notify all members from your wall

Clunnity’s wall allows coaches, coordinators and directors to post different content, communicate with all club members with just one click, be able to pin the most important information and highlight the necessary ones.





Savings of over 50% can be achieved by automating many routines that prevent communication actions by coaches, coordinators or sports managers.



Stop drinking soup with a fork and take advantage of Clunnity’s quick visualisation of your club’s data to save time and a lot of coordination messages.



Using your personal WhatsApp for professional purposes is an unnecessary burden. Keep communication separate to avoid unnecessary distractions to club players. 



Automate more than 15 daily actions. We can automate up to 30% of your tasks, or at least reduce some of them.

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