Automate events, create recurring sessions and plan the whole year in minutes

Organised seasons with the calendar

Create different events for the whole season in the way that best suits your needs: matches, trainings, trips, and you can include those with a recurring frequency.

In addition, these events can be configured with specific data, such as the training schedules for the specific session.

Clubs linked to instant notifications

Once you have created an event, you can invite as many participants as you need, notify them instantly and get real-time information about the attendance at the event.

Control attendance with one click

Once an invitation to an event is sent, club members confirm their attendance or report their absence.

This allows you to make fair invitations, save time on communication and create training sessions without surprises.





Now it is possible to consult your entire sports agenda in less than 1 minute. 

Filter by category to see the date and time of each match as soon as possible.



Increase your club’s control with our planning module, you will know where, when and what to do for each training, match or meeting.



Enjoy the efficiency of the calendar.

Club calendars are useful, but Clunnity gives you the opportunity to set up recurring events, notify players with each event, automatic reminders, attendance data...



Optimise your club's data.

Get attendance metrics, track real-time results of each event, adjust the session if a key player misses training, and much more.

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